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  • Posted: April 27, 2017 6:40 pm

Muddy Hill Farm is proud to bring to market an improved no drip drinker nipple that installs into the side of a container.

Having tried nearly every type of drinker for his flocks of chickens
and ducks Barry Chenkin, the proprietor of Muddy Hill Farm, decided it
was time to make something that really worked.

This drinker nipple’s unique shape allows it to be easily screwed
into place on the side of the container. The top and bottom are shaped
like big wings making it easy to grasp and twist into place. The cup
under the pin provides an area for the water to collect in as the bird
moves the pin. The o-ring on the liquid side of the drinker nipple is
kept seated by the tension of the spring inside until dislodged by the
birds pecking actions.

DO NOT screw Sideways Sipper Drinker Nipple in all the way!  Leave
two or three of the threads showing OUTSIDE the container for a better
seal. Running the nipple right up against the plastic wall of your
container may break the sealing properties of the threads. You may find
that if they do leak between the container and the Sideways Sipper
Drinker Nipple you can place a bit of silicone to seal it.

Clean water = a healthy flock:

  • Change your water at least weekly, but more often in hot weather as chickens prefer cool water to warm water.
  • Clean the bucket and Sideways Sipper Drinker Nipple with soap and warm water weekly to minimize bio-film build up.

This is for a package of 10 nipples