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Why Sell Poultry Online?

Thousands of backyard chicken breeders, feed stores as well as large scale poultry hatcheries have figured that out. There are millions of people in the U.S. that enjoy raising & buying poultry. In fact, a well known chicken hatchery claims to sell and ship out hundreds of thousands of baby chicks to their customers every week. You will notice that even your local feed store has baby chicks for sale. There is an astronomical demand for poultry in the U.S.

With the new ” Organic, Grow Your own” trend that many people are getting into, raising their own poultry for egg & meat purposes is on the rise. Others enjoy raising backyard chickens simply for pets, like the common readers of “My Pet Chicken,” or taking them to compete in local poultry shows. There is allot of money to be made in this huge fast growing industry.

Feed stores have no issues selling baby chicks because the vast amount of their local customers are coming to their feed store for chicken feed and are already raising poultry. Hatcheries rely on a professional website to show up on the top of Google search results when their customers search for chickens for sale online. This enables them to advertise and sell very effectively to the entire U.S. that are looking for poultry.
Unfortunately, very few owners of backyard chickens & poultry have the capability, knowledge or extra funds to spend on building a professional website that shows up on the top of internet search results.

The one thing that both the successful backyard poultry breeders and large scale poultry hatcheries have in common is the professional website, that drives plenty of traffic, to produce sales all across America. This leaves the overwhelming majority of owners of backyard chickens & poultry to rely on selling locally, thus limited to a small amount of potential customers. Not being able to sell your poultry fast enough forces you to list your chickens for sale locally at a cheaper price to ensure they get sold. This is a huge inconvenience and a hassle.

This is why American Poultry Auctions was created. To give every single backyard poultry breeder in the U.S. the same opportunity that large scale poultry hatcheries have. American Poultry Auctions shows everyone how easy it is to sell and ship poultry right from your home to customers all over the country. We provided information on our site on everything you need to know, from how to sell to how to ship fertile hatching eggs, baby chicks, and adult poultry. We also sell all the USPS approved live bird shipping boxes at the cheapest prices found online!

Home Business

Who doesn’t love extra cash? Many owners of backyard chickens & poultry have turned their backyard poultry hobby into a very profitable home business. Whether you have custom chicken coops for sale or want to start a small chicken hatchery, now everyone has the opportunity using American Poultry Auctions. You have everything you need, the website, the birds, and the shipping boxes. It’s simple and easy to get started. Have auctions through the week and ship your fertile hatching eggs, chicks, adult birds or poultry supplies conveniently once a week. You can do it all and watch your poultry hobby go from an expense, to a constant income for you and your family.

Fun For The Kids

Kids love backyard chickens & poultry and it is a fantastic hobby to let them learn responsibility. Silkie and Bantam chickens are very popular for kids due to their calm disposition and unique looks. Children love taking their birds to local poultry shows, clubs and 4H.

Get Your Poultry Sold Fast

Many owners of backyard chickens & poultry know what it’s like to be overwhelmed with too many birds! All of a sudden you notice you have an abundance of eggs, chicks or adult birds that you can’t keep! If you are in this situation, try not to worry. Simply auction them off on American Poultry Auctions. Starting your auctions low helps gain interest in possible buyers bidding on your auction and ship all of your auction sales at the beginning of the week.

Live In The Middle Of Nowhere?

That’s not a problem anymore with American Poultry Auctions. The USPS will ship live fertile hatching eggs, baby chicks and adult birds. The USPS are almost everywhere. Even living in the middle of nowhere, you probably have a United States Post Office within a driving distance away. If you sell or buy chicks or adult birds, they will be shipped to and from your nearest USPS Office.

USPS Approved Live Chick/Bird Shipping Boxes

APA sells USPS approved Live Chick and Live Bird shipping boxes right on our website at the lowest prices with free shipping. These boxes are all you need to ship baby chicks or adult birds through the USPS. (Click Here To Purchase)