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Feather Lover Farms is happy to announce the arrival of our new show quality Silkie flocks! A perfect addition to any backyard chicken flock as well as an absolute child favorite and perfect for first time chicken owners! Though Silkies are not recently imported into the US like most of our other chicken breeds, Silkies are one of the coolest chickens on the planet and a favorite among children. Feather Lover Farms has created a few unrelated breeding flocks acquired from high quality or show winning lines and we are excited to send our beautful Silkie chicks to you.

Silkies are super soft and super friendly chickens. They originate in China and are the most popular and most desired chicken breed of all ornamental chicken breeds and its easy to tell why. They are commonly misspelled as Silky chickens. Their exotic hair-like fluffy feathers make them hard to live without. Silkies are also one of very few breeds with black or grey skin. They also usually have an extra toe on back toe area. Another cool note about silkies is the roosters usually rarely crow or never crow at all! In fact, at Feather Lover Farms, we have never noticed our Silkie roosters crow. Oddly, Silkie roosters are much less likely to crow when there are other roosters present.

Silkies lay about 100 to 130 small eggs a year and their eggs are either white, cream or sometimes a light tan color. They are also prone to becoming broody on their eggs so collecting their eggs often will make it less likely for them to go broody on a nest full of eggs if you don’t want them to hatch their eggs. If your silkie hen goes broody and attempts to hatch her own eggs, they make excellent chicken mothers. We currently mainly have Blue, black, splash and white colored silkies in our unrelated breeding flocks but the colors you may receive could be blue, black, splash, white, buff, or partridge. We can not take special orders of a certain color Silkie yet so for now you will receive an assortment of silkie chick colors. Most of our flocks are bearded but there’s a small chance you can receive chicks that are non-bearded as well.

Silkies are among a favorite chicken breed for kids. They are so easily handled and you usually can walk right up to them without them even flinching. The fuzzy top hat on their head giving them lack of sight probably helps with them being such a tame docile chicken breed. A study was conducted on favorite chicken breeds for children with silkies and other popular chicken breeds to choose from and silkies came in at number 1. Silkie chicks are so adorable when they hatch with all that fluff, grey skin, extra toe and fuzzy notch on the top of their head. They are just the cutest little fluffy chicks you’ve ever seen. We are excited we were able to obtain a good amount of unrelated Silkies from quality breeders and some show winning lines and offer their baby chicks to you. If you have kids or simply enjoy rare and unique chicken breeds, our Silkies belong in your coop!

Silkie FAQs:

Origin: China
Type: Bantam
Size: Small (2-3 lbs)
Rarity: Unique But Not Rare
Purpose: Black Skin
Colors: Black
Egg Laying: Good (3/week, 100-130/year)
Egg Color: Cream or Tinted
Egg Size: Small
Unique Feature: Fluffy Feathers, Crested, Bearde & 5 Toes

Cold Hardiness: Good Winter Tolerance
Heat Tolerance: Great Heat tolerance
Docile: Yes
Setter/Broody: Yes, Often
Personality: Very human friendly, Sweet, Tame & Mothering

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