Welcome to Tranquil Meadow Farm. 
We are a home schooling family that have been raising turkeys for 5 years now. I am happy to offer the Oregon Grey heritage turkey hatching eggs.

My birds are from Porters Heritage turkeys out of Indiana state and another private breeder to have an additional gene pool.
Oregon Grays have a white base plumage color with black pigmentation about the edges of the feathers. The typical black and white colored barring in the wing features appears as a mixing of the two colors without definition. The adult patterns resembles the palm but is different. Toms are a shade darker than the hens. The Gray poult has a yellow-grey down color with dark or brownish stripes on its back.

Each coop is given fresh layer pellets and water each day. They are allowed to free range on an alternating basis with other turkey breeds. Eggs are collected two times each day and placed in an automatic turner. The eggs are individually wrapped with bubble wrap and extra packing in between each egg. I can not control what happens to the eggs after they leave my hands and I will not take responsibility for the postal services lost or damaged goods. Before bidding please take this into consideration that you are taking a risk.
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