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  • Posted: May 8, 2020 12:33 pm

This rooster is one of the rarest chicken breeds on earth! Hatched in April 2020, the Japanese Onagadori, prized for the rooster’s amazing tail lengths, is the only chicken breed on the planet that can exhibit non-molting tail and saddle feathers. Onagadori chickens are not long tailed Phoenix chickens. Phoenix chickens can only grow only up to a 3-4 ft tail and usually molt their feathers every year. There are only a handful of chicken breeders in Japan own these incredibly rare chickens and most people in Japan have never seen them. There are roughly only a little over 200 adult Onagadori in existence in Japan which makes them incredibly rare and on the verge of extinction. 

The Onagadori, In Japan meaning “honorable fowl” as well as “long tail fowl”, has been protected by the Japanese government for many years and is considered a living monument of the Japanese culture.

Despite Onagadori being so rare and almost unheard of in the US