Cooler Adapter with Horizontal Poultry Drinker Nipples for Insulated Coolers

A MuddyHillFarm Exclusive!

Poo free water kept inside an insulated cooler! Now how cool is that.

You get both the Cooler Adapter AND the Horizontal Poultry Drinker Nipple in this a package deal. Insulated cooler is NOT included!!

Want to have clean, poo free water for your flock? Do you worry about
them getting cool water in the summer or keeping the water warmer
longer in the winter?

The Cooler Adapter with Horizontal Poultry Nipple installs into your insulated cooler to give you this piece of mind and more!

Insulated coolers are great to use:

  • many already have built in drains
  • less algae since the water is not exposed to sunlight
  • easy to clean and sanitize
  • you probably already have one

 Before installing make sure the Cooler Adapter is thicker then the insulated cooler – measure twice, drill once

Price does NOT include an insulated cooler!