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The rarest and most sought after chicken breed on the planet! Our Greenfire Farms Line Ayam Cemani we offer were first imported into the US and featured on Time Magazine in 2014 wearing million dollar jewelry. Ayam Cemani originate in Indonesia and are known to have black feathers, black skin, black comb, black wattles, black flesh, black organs and black bones. This makes this breed one of the most beautiful chickens on the planet, hailing them as “The Lamborghini of Poultry.” 

In Indonesia, they are known for their mystical healing powers due to their black hyper-pigmentation. The hens lay a surprisingly abundant amount of eggs, 80-120 eggs each year. Their eggs are unusually large proportion compared to the hen’s body, making them a low feed cost breed with excellent egg laying capability. The birds pictured here are our breeding stock and were selected from many Ayam Cemani birds for their exceptionally black features. However, it is important to understand that not all Ayam Cemani offspring grow up to be solid black, even with solid black parents. We cannot guarantee the distribution of black pigment in the offspring you receive as each chick will turn out different. 

Our Ayam Cemani are cold & hot weather hardy, low maintenance, tame and easy to handle. 

In 2014, Ayam Cemani were first legally imported into the United States, despite the current USDA export ban on importing birds from Indonesia. We have high quality unrelated breeding pens of Ayam Cemani that should produce healthy and beautiful chicks for many generations to come. The birds featured here on our website are some of our breeding stock and were selectively chosen for their exceptionally dark black features. Some of our customers have claimed first place blue ribbon prizes at poultry show competitions with their Ayam Cemani chicks they received from us.  

If you want to own the rarest chicken breed on the planet, look no further. 

Ayam Cemani FAQs:
Origin: Indonesia
Type: Standard Large Fowl 
Size: Large (5-7 lbs)
Rarity: Extremely Rare
Colors: Black
Egg Laying: Good (3-4/week, 80-120/year)
Egg Color:  Cream, Light Tan
Egg Size: Medium
Unique Feature: World’s Only All Black Chicken Inside & Out

Cold Hardiness: Ok Winter Tolerance
Heat Tolerance: Great Heat tolerance
Docile: Yes
Setter/Broody: Yes, Sometimes
Personality: Very human friendly, curious and docile

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