Want more eggs this winter? You HAVE TO install the DayLight Extender NOW during the summer. As the days grow shorter in the fall your hens will not miss a beat as they will get the full amount of light to keep them producing for you.

Get more eggs from your hens during the winter season when the amount
of daylight is less. The DayLight Extender wakes your birds up early to
achieve optimum light exposure hours for chickens.

  • Automatically turns the light source On and Off.
  • DayLight Extender’s Microcomputer is very smart and will not over expose your chickens.
  • Turns the light on before dawn and not after dusk.
  • The light will not stay on during day.
  • No need to turn it off or unplug – ever!
  • 10 foot cable hardwired to the controller

**Adding a DayLight Extender DLX during the winter is NOT
the time to try to extend your flocks internal clocks. DayLight
Extenders should be in place by the end of August. As the days grow
shorter the DayLight Extender will keep them at the optimum 15 hours of

The DayLight Extender’s Microcomputer is very smart. It does not
require any setting or resetting as days grow shorter or longer; it
works automatically for all seasons and all locations.

Super easy Three-Step installation:

1- Plug a light fixture of your choice into the DayLight Extender DLX.

2- Install the included light sensor where it can receive daylight.

3- Plug the DayLight Extender to an 110V standard outlet.