Feather Lover Farms Line Ayam Cemani Chicks
***First Time At Auction***

The lucky winner of this auction will receive 6 unsexed Ayam Cemani Chicks of our New Feather Lover Farms bloodline. 

We are excited to announce we were able to locate and acquire a legally imported new Ayam Cemani bloodline! 
Our new bloodline is the closest representation of the breed’s true Indonesian standards, in the US today. Previous Ayam Cemani imports, though beautiful, had continuous flaws show up in their bloodlines. Some examples of these flaws are red wattles & necks, white toenails, lighter skin pigment and pink mouths. All these flaws fall short of the solid black representation of the true black Indonesian chicken called Ayam Cemani. Feather Lover Farm’s new Ayam Cemani bloodline has consistently met these standards. 
Not only is the bloodline darker than previous bloodlines, they are larger, stand taller and have large royal combs. They are extremely friendly, love human contact and are very low maintenance. They are also cold and hot weather hardy. Give them shade for the hot summer and a dry shelter for the cold winters. The hens usually produce a surprising abundance of 75-100 eggs a year for being such an exotic breed. Ayam Cemani are known for their black feathers, black skin, black comb, black flesh, black organs, and black bones!
Over the last couple of years, Ayam Cemani breeders have been limited to only a couple bloodlines resulting in inbreeding. With this new bloodline everyone will have the opportunity to out cross and strengthen their bird’s quality for generations to come.  

Photos — The photos featured above are some of our New FLF Ayam Cemani breeding stock, carefully selected for their superior Ayam Cemani genetics. 

The Chicks — The winning bidder will receive 6 or more unsexed chicks that will be vaccinated for Mareks. Our adult breeders have exceptionally dark pigmentation, however, not every Ayam Cemani grows up to be perfect quality and we can not guarantee the distribution of black pigment in their chicks you will receive. We will hand select our darkest pigmented chicks that hatch to send to the winning bidder. 

Ship Date — These chicks will be shipped within two weeks of the close of this auction on Monday or Tuesday. Chicks will be shipped USPS Express Mail 1-2 Day Shipping. The auction winner pays an additional $55 in shipping costs.

Phone Number — Your phone number is required to ship chicks. The winning bidder will need to message us their phone number to place on the chick shipping box for pickup. Your local Post Office will call this number when your chicks arrive to be picked up. 

Live Arrival Guarantee — We do Live Arrival Guarantees on all chick orders. We are very confident in our packaging and shipping methods. It is rare to receive any dead chicks or started adult pairs from us, however, it can even happen to the best of us. If you unfortunately receive any dead fowl from us, you will need to email us photo proof of the dead fowl in the shipping box the day they arrive and we will send you a free replacement of the number of chicks lost. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs of the free replacements. 
Payment — Winning bidder will see a link to pay for this auction with Paypal. 
Refunds — We do not offer returns or refunds for this auction, only replacement chicks if needed. 
Tracking Number — When we print your shipping label online through Paypal, you will receive an email from Paypal with your tracking number, letting you know your chicks are on their way. We will also email you your tracking number to ensure you received it. 

Feather Lover Farms breeds some of the highest quality Ayam Cemani available in the U.S. and we are proud to offer them to you. 
Good Luck Bidding!