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  • Posted: April 9, 2021 12:17 am

Offering 12 booted bantam eggs. Out of porcelain and self blue.  I have a mottled girl in with the porcelain for now.

The Booted Bantam or Dutch Booted Bantam, Dutch: Sabelpoot, is a bantam breed of chicken. Its name is derived from the extravagant feathering on the feet and hock joints, which are called vulture hocks or “sabels” in Dutch. With no large fowl counterpart from which it was miniaturized, the Booted is one of the true bantams. Males usually weigh in at around 850 grams (30 ounces) and females 750 grams (27 ounces). American standards dictate a smaller ideal size of 740 grams (26 ounces) for males, and 625 (22 ounces) for females. These are extremely rare in the USA.

This breed is the ultimate supermodel of chickens. A close relative, the Belgian Bearded d’Uccle, also sports this notable look. 

A little history:

There is evidence of Bantams with feathered feet from around 1600 (Ulisse Aldrovandi, Italy) and [they] have been mentioned in historical literature throughout the centuries to the present day. The three main countries to play a part in developing these feather footed birds into an actual breed are Great Britain (Booted Bantam), Germany (Federfubige Zwerg) and The Netherlands (Sabelpoot). The Booted Bantam lost favor with British breeders and remains rare in this country. However, the Germans and the Dutch have been the main force behind the Booteds’ breeding and thanks to them we now have Booteds in many colors.

The Black and White Booteds have always been seen as of British origin; even nowadays the Blacks and Whites are smaller and more compact in build, even in Germany and The Netherlands. Fancychickenbreedsfarm in Florida. Npip

auction is for eggs I am hatching myself and test hatch continuously.
rooster ratio is 3-4 hens to 1 rooster

My eggs are never washed. I test all my eggs for fertility and will only ship the freshest ones. Once they leave my home I can no longer be responsible for their condition at arrival. I hand deliver to post office at the time the truck leaves. I select the insurance that is available from the post office for $50. Please, let rest on arrival.