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  • Posted: August 5, 2017 8:19 pm


All my birds are multiplying naturally, never used an incubator.
No hormones, no antibiotics, free range, and pasture raised.
Show quality, good breeders, good mothers, and lay a lot of eggs. All are hatched and raised here by us.

Drakes are : 2 black, 1 grey and white, and 1 black and white.
Girls are: black, black and white, white, brown with white, grey with white on the head.

Every egg you get is checked for fertility. We collect the eggs every day.

Please understand that we are not responsible for your hatching rate.
You can check the eggs when you get them, too. There are too many
factors in the hatching process which we can not control.The hatching
rate depends of your incubating experience.
Please understand that we are not responsible for postal office handling. We package the eggs individually with bubble wrap. Each box is marked fragile.
Sometimes order will be shipped in 2 separate packages.
Thank you for buying and checking up our listing.