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  • Posted: July 3, 2017 10:32 am

 13 ohiki chicks silver, gold and other colors. 2-3 weeks old

They are hardy, cute, smart, perfect for a smaller backyard, great broodies and little prolific layers!

The Ohiki is a true dwarf long-tail that was created in Japan.

Ohiki is a true dwarf or bantam (there are no large form of this breed) that was believed to have been created by crossing Onagadori to a Chabo (Japanese bantam) or a Pekin bantam (Cochin bantam in some country’s today) by unknown Japanese breeders in the Tosa Province (known as Kochi Prefecture today) located on the southwestern part of the island of Shikoku in the late Edo period (Tokugawa period). A time in japanese history which was ruled by the shoguns of the Tokugawa family (running from 1603 to 1868). From intense research it seems that the Ohiki was created between 1818 to 1868.

For years the breed was known as Minohiki-Chabo because it was believed to have came from a Minohiki to a Chabo mix but was ltter discovered that they came from Onagadori and not Minohiki. The name Minohiki-Chabo fell out of use at that time and Ohiki was the name that was given to the breed and is still in use today. 

Ohiki is a rare breed that is like no other long tail fowl, which means that the preservation and improvement is a must to keep the breed alive!

My hens came from Aubrey Webb who acquired his directly from Toni Astin and the roosters are from Mr. V. Basler who is an avid show bird breeder.

That is very hard to find and show quality birds are very hard to find as they are still a young new breed in the US. Imported 2002 

The very soft feathered birds are naturally friendly, loving, surprisingly intelligent and trainable which makes them an excellent choice for the show ring

I will insure chicks,

Comb: Single

Earlobe: White

Eye Color: Red-Brown

Leg Color: Green or Willow, White birds: Yellow

Weight: Male around 2 lbs., Female around 1.5 lbs.

Tail Angle: 30 degrease