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  • Posted: May 29, 2017 9:46 pm

You will receive exactly 12 fertile Muscovy duck hatching eggs.

I have a beautiful yard full of muscovy ducks and incubator is almost full. Will ship you eggs 5 days old and less and turn collected eggs daily in cool location. Have been getting 80-90% hatches in my incubator and my female ducks have been doing even better than my incubators as you can see! These ducks lay almost 200 eggs a year. Males can be 10-15 lbs and females 6-8 lbs. They sometimes make a funny hissing sound when they walk. 
Location- Northern California
Shipping – Will ship priority Mail 1-3 day shipping
Returns – I do not accept refunds of returns but will send replacements if any eggs arrive broken. Buyer responsible for shipping cost of replacements. Will need photo of broken eggs with shipping label in photo to be eligible to receive replacements. 
Incubating: They take about 35 days to hatch so please be patient. The ducklings are well worth the wait!
Will ship your eggs usually on the following Mon, Tue, or Wed after auction. Within 1 week of auction end. 
Please message me with any questions you may have.
Thank You!