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The Ostfriesische Möwe is an old German breed of domestic chicken. It is a rare breed: in 2009, only 218 roosters and 972 hens were officially registered in Germany.


It is old landrace from East FrisiaWest Frisiaand Westfalia. It is closely related to the Westfälische Totleger and the Braekel.

East Frisian Gull hens lay about 180-200 white eggs each year and usually will not go broody. East Frisian Gulls are exceedingly rare in their native range. They are rarely seen outside the Frisian coastal area; a pity given the striking beauty of both the rooster and hens. American hobbyists now have a rare opportunity that poultry hobbyists around the world can only envy: the ability to experience this remarkable breed of chicken in their own backyards.

Known in Germany as Ostfriesische Möwe, East Frisian Gulls are a landrace that evolved as excellent free range birds known for their egg laying ability. There are two stories about how the East Frisian Gull derived its name: The hens share a profile that is uncannily like that of a seagull, and the chicks have the thick down seen on hatchling seagulls. At any rate, like their seafaring avian counterparts the East Frisian Gulls descend from that coastal region of the same name that encompasses the northern areas of the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark that border the North Sea. This rare breed is found in three color varieties: silver, gold, and lemon. In 2014, Greenfire Farms imported these birds from their native land in both gold and lemon, and this initial breeding group of birds produced the occasional silver chick. 

I have lemon and gold East Frisian Gulls and their patterns and colors are truly beautiful, especially the lemon accentuates the uniform black pattern.

My eggs are never washed and are stored in a cool, dark place at around 61 degrees. I hand deliver to the post office at the time of the trucks departure. Once the eggs leave my home I can no longer be responsible for their condition at arrival. However, I will replace broken ones under certain circumstances.

 Please, note that hatch rate and fertility rates are 2 different things. Hatch rates can vary widely depend on the post offices handling of your eggs in transit and your incubation method. I do not guarantee hatch rate. I hand deliver to the post office just before the truck leaves for sorting facility, once they left my hands I can no longer be responsible for the condition of the mailed eggs. Eggs can be held at the post office for your pickup. This is a good idea if you live in an area with very hot or cold weather. It may increase hatch rate. If you would like to do this I need your local post office address and your phone number so they can contact you upon the eggs arrival. NPIP

(chicks are still $99 at GFF)

Fertility is excellent as they are all young birds.  

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