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  • Posted: June 5, 2017 12:21 pm

This is an auction for 12 chicks 1 to 7 days old. There will be mixed breed as well as purebred since we are in the process of separating our flock into breeding pens! 

Our Hens
Cream Crested Legbar
French Black Copper Marans
Buff Orpington
Silver Lace Wyandotte
Rhode Island Red
Whiting True Blue
Black Australorp
Easter Egger
Our Roos
Cream Crested Legbar
French Black Copper Marans
Whiting True Blue
You will receive a selection that may include, Bielefelders, Cream Crested Legbars, French Black Copper Marans,
Easter Eggers, Olive Eggers, and mixes of the above breeds. You will have a mix of egg colors!
Payment is due within 24 hours of auction end. Chicks will not be packaged until payment is received.
  • Shipping is paid by the buyer. Chicks ship by USPS Express mail, with insurance, with grogel, pad, and heating pack when needed.
  • Shipping cost is $45.00
  • If package is received with damage, photographs must be taken immediately. 
  • If your shipment includes dead chicks, please photograph and send to me immediately. I try to include extra chicks to cover such losses. If replacement chicks are needed, the buyer will pay shipping costs.