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My goal is to perfect to Indonesian standard
I have 2 100% pure Banko indonesian laying hens (raven) and one 
 and an 100% pure Banko INDO rooster , which will give you high percentage and pure Indo line chicks. 

10 Fancy chicken breeds farm Cemani Hatching eggs

I call them Bandung
As you enter this search term into google images you will experience a whole new world of an ayam cemani. Exotic images of Indonesian cemanis will pop up that look different then the ones we have in the US.
My goal is to preserve the original heritage of this strange and mystical creature as much as possible. Follow me as I will share my new strain of birds with you along the way. Breeding will be as trying as it has been in the past, but it will be on a different level, not so much about how to keep the white and burgundy out of this breed but much more about carriage, body and feather quality. I am naming this project after it’s town of origination in West Java.
******Eggs will be 50%-100% Indo blood out of 2 different pens. Chicks are consistently black, including black mouths and dark grey tongues. This will give you a good genetically diverse group of chicks.
I have 2 hens that are kept pure of Indonesian descend and a rooster that is 100% Indo Cemani. You will not find this blood line easily. I am calling this project Bandung Cemani. Every body deserves a good start for their cemani breeding project.

Deviations from the breeds ideal should be expected. They still need a lot of breeding, but they should look more like a muscular game bird. American cemani shows characteristics from Ardenner and Svart Hona which was used in England and Germany to change feathering quality and egg production in cemani. We don’t know what was injected in other countries before it reached us in the US.
I do not get any white feathers on my chicks. I do get some occasional clear nails which will disappear over time, i have less then 10% culls right now which would be pink tongues. But no guarantee on this. That is a very low leakage and cull rate i am very happy with and that is very hard to find. I have 100% hatch rate on these right now.
Ayam Cemani is a very special breed. The outstanding beauty of these birds has challenged many breeders around the world trying to breed this chicken. This being said I believe we should get back to the indonesian standard that looks very similar to the proposed british standard. This rooster is BLACK, doesn’t flush burgundy when exited, he is and stays black through and through. 

NPIP Florida

 My eggs are never washed and are stored in a cool, dark place at around 61 degrees. I hand deliver to the post office at the time of the trucks departure. Once the eggs leave my home I can no longer be responsible for their condition at arrival. (High humidity may help in hatch.)

 Please, note that hatch rate and fertility rates are 2 different things. Hatch rates can vary widely depend on the post offices handling of your eggs in transit and your incubation method. I do not guarantee hatch rate. I hand deliver to the post office just before the truck leaves for sorting facility, once they left my hands I can no longer be responsible for the condition of the mailed eggs. Eggs can be held at the post office for your pickup. This is a good idea if you live in an area with very hot or cold weather. It may increase hatch rate. If you would like to do this I need your local post office address and your phone number so they can contact you upon the eggs arrival. NPIP