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  • Posted: June 6, 2019 1:41 pm

My main breeder is grandson of Dale Banko’s original roosters .

 Roosters are both Raven line or Banko to well bred Greenfire/raven, raven and kali/raven hens. All chicks I have hatched have been consistently black. Nice addition to any flock.

I do not get any white feathers on my chicks. I do get some occasional clear nails which will disappear over time,  But no guarantee on this. Culling should be done at adult stage

Please, note that hatch rate and fertility rates are 2 different things. Hatch rates can vary widely depend on the post offices handling of your eggs in transit and your incubation method. I do not guarantee hatch rate. I hand deliver to the post office just before the truck leaves for sorting facility, once they left my hands I can no longer be responsible for the condition of the mailed eggs. Eggs can be held at the post office for your pickup. This is a good idea if you live in an area with very hot or cold weather. It may increase hatch rate. If you would like to do this I need your local post office address and your phone number so they can contact you upon the eggs arrival. NPIP