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  • Posted: March 29, 2020 10:13 am

I will discount for the fee required to sign up for this site

Girls are starting to lay, eggs show fertile in my incubator and have chicks available.

I have a mixed group from the best lines only. rooster is Carolina Chicks otherwise they are Omega Hills came from Ewe Crazy and Fancy chicks

 and Undercover Chicken Farmer, Walt Hicks and twin brothers.

This color is more rare. It seems they are wearing a wedding gown every day, pics don’t do them justice.

these are big, fluffy and beautiful birds.

Fancychickenbreedsfarm in florida. NPIP

My eggs are never washed. I test all my eggs for fertility and will only ship the freshest ones. Once they leave my home I can no longer be responsible for their condition at arrival. I hand deliver to post office at the time the truck leaves. I select the insurance that is available from the post office for $50. Please, let rest on arrival.

If you cannot take a loss, please, don’t buy!