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  • Posted: April 6, 2020 11:22 am

roosters are  Carolina Rare Chicks otherwise they are Omega Hills came from Ewe Crazy and Fancy chicks  and Undercover Chicken Farmer, Walt Hicks and twin brothers.

My Fluffy girls are laying well! 
The Isabel cuckoo color is one of the more rare color in the Orpington
10 hatching eggs $50 
shipping is $14
NPIP Brooksville fl 
Fancy chicken breeds farm

The Isabel Cuckoo Orpington is a member of the Crele family, with a pattern based on “Crele,” but lighter. Where Crele is black-barred, Isabel is lavender barred. And where Crele is red and gold barred, Isabel is a shimmery champagne barred. Stunning, with golden buff and champagne on a lavender background. The cuckoo feathering on the rooster along with the lavender and buff highlights in the hackle and saddle feathers makes for a stunning and beautiful rooster. Many breeders compare them to a watercolor painting or always dressed for a wedding. They were created by adding the diluting lavender gene to the Crele. This produced a lavender based bird with gold barring. They are docile, gentle, and calm with a friendly nature. They lay a beautiful pale brown egg with a pinkish tinge.