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  • Posted: April 11, 2017 10:50 pm


Longtail Japanese Onagadori Chicks

  • 8 Unsexed & Unrelated Chicks Plus Any Extra If Available.
  • Chicks Will Be 1-7 Days Old When I Ship Them.
  • Above Are Some Photos Of The Current Stock In My Breeding Program
  • These Are Not Phoenix, They Are Non-Molting Onagadori Bloodline From Japanese Dependance
  • The Well Known Longtail Phoenix Has An Upward Sloping Tail, Onagadori Type Have Horizontal Or Downward Sloping Tails
  • My Original Birds Came Directly From David Rogers Over 10 Years Ago. He Was Given These Birds From A Japanese Family And They Stated They Were Onagadori From Japan. David Grew A Roosters Tail To Over 12ft Long Here In The US. Rooster Is Named Hakuro And He Has Multiple Youtube Videos Of Him To Watch
  • I Have Been Raising These Amazing Birds For Over 10 Years And Have Grown Some Roosters Tails Out To Over 6-7ft Long. Will Give Winning Bidder Tips And Knowledge To Get Maximum Tail Length
  • Main Key Is Keeping The Males Calm, High Perches & No Access To Hens
  • If you Keep The Roosters Calm Enough, They Will Not Molt During The Fall Like Normal Chickens If You Raise Them Properly For Tail Growth. 
  • Chicks Can Be White, Silver, Gold Or Red. I Can’t Guarantee The Color Of Chicks You’ll Receive But They Usually Hatch Out Mostly Whites & Silver/Golds 
  • Hens Lay A Good Amount Of Eggs During Spring And Summer
  • This Breed Is Extremely Tame, Especially The Roosters. 
  • Great Opportunity To Own This Very Rare Longtail Breed
  • I Was Fortunate To Aquire These Birds From David Rogers Before He Stopped Selling Them To Anyone And Would Like To Give Others The Opportunity Of Raising These Beautiful Birds
  • I Own Allot Of Rare Breeds But Longtail Onagdori Are By Far My Favorite
  • Live Arrival Guarantee. Very Rare To Ever Receive A Chick From Me That Didn’t Survive Shipment
  • If Any Chicks Unfortunately Arrive Dead, Email Me Clear Photos The Same Day Of Any Chicks All In The Same Photo With The Shipping Label Showing And I Will Gladly Ship Free Replacement Chicks. Buyer Pays For Shipping Fee For Replacements. I Do Not Accept Refunds Or Returns
  • All Chicks Vaccinated For Mareks Before Shipped
  • Ship Date – Will Ship Your Chicks 1-2 Days After Auction End (Monday/Tuesday)
  • Please Message Me Your Phone Number After Winning The Auction To Place On Shipping Box For Pickup At Your USPS
  • Payment Is Required Immediately After Winning The Auction
  • Ships With Chick Gro-Gel, Excelsior Chick Pad And A 72 Hour Heat Pack For Added Warmth During Shipping
  • Express Shipping
  • Shipping Charge: 49.99

Please Feel Free To Message Me With Any Questions, Comments or Concerns

Good Luck!